The Urban Bistro – Coming Home

Fausto Albers, restaurant & cocktail bar owner (The Louisiana Lobstershack) and Guto Souza, well know chef for more than 30 years & restaurant owner (Boteco, India) are presenting:

Urban Bistro – Old & New York Kitchen

New York, melting pot of people, culture and food. Its culinary traditions are so immensely rich and always evolving that it would be impossible to capture it all in a single dish. Things that keep on changing don’t really exist at a singular point, they travel. They are nowhere ever, and everywhere at once.

At The Urban Bistro we will take you with us on an exciting journey with comforting flavours from home, wherever that may be in the world.

The Urban Bistro, bringing the taste of Old & New York to Haarlem.

Expect truly original food & drinks. High in quality for moderate prices. Family friendly, great wines & fantastic cocktails (Wines by Sommelier Milton Verseput of Sommos).